by CHLOE Opening

by - February 14, 2018

Myself and my sister Amy happened to be in London last week on the opening day of by CHLOE which is a super exciting plant based fast food restaurant. This is their first restaurant outside of the States and hopefully not their only one in the UK for much longer!
Choice:★★★★★Staff Knowledge:★★★★★
Value for Money:★★★★★Overall:★★★★★
It was late morning on our visit but given that it was the opening day the queue was already well out the door! This didn't put us off and we went to join, there were lots of friendly staff welcoming everyone and we were handed a very cute menu then offered tasty samples while we waited. The wait wasn't as long as expected but we could see there were no seats left so decided just to get a few things to takeaway.

I opted for the Mac n' Cheese (admittedly I do this a lot as I'm determined to find the best replacement for one of the comfort foods I miss the most) and we had some of their fresh lemonade along with a cookie each. The sweet potato-cashew macaroni had crispy, smoky shiitake mushroom 'bacon' and it was seriously delicious, the best vegan macaroni I've had! The cookies were properly chewy and melty and I wish I'd bought more to take home but let's be honest, they wouldn't have survived the train journey. The restaurant is really pretty with such lovely branding too, their packaging especially, although there was a lot of it which felt a bit wasteful. Located in Covent Garden it's a great location to take away if you can't get a seat like us, as it seems likely that by CHLOE will be busy all the time! Now if we could just have one of these in Dundee sometime soon that'd be perfect, thanks.
Drury House 34-43 Russel Street, London WC2B 5HA
11.00 - 23.00 Mon-Fri | 10.00-23.00 Sat-Sun

P.S. sorry I didn't manage to find out all the usual extra details - it was too busy to check!

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