Glasgow Vegan Festival

by - July 21, 2018

some of our festival food haul 
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Tyne Chease
Gin & Mix
The Big Vegan Cheese Making Kit
The Green Room
The Green Room Vfish & Chips
Cool Jerk Pies
Brownins Food
Missy's Vegan Cupcakes
Missy's Vegan Cupcakes
The Vegan Kind
Mimi's Bakehouse
Last weekend we were excited to attend the Scotland Vegan Festival in Glasgow at Hampden Park. We arrived early and there were already queues but it did get increasingly busy very quickly once we were in. There was a large selection of stalls including vegan information and charities, beauty, merchandise and jewellery then lots and lots of food - cakes, cheese, pies and more. The huge number of people made it tricky to take photos and see everything so we focussed on buying our favourite foods fast in case anything sold out as it was a bit chaotic! Here are a few of our highlights...

1. Tyne Chease - I was really excited to try this and it didn't disappoint! We restricted ourselves to one tasty artisan cheese and went for the smoked but I can't wait to order more online, especially for a Christmas treat.
2. Gin & Mix - these premixed cocktails were so fresh and fruity, a lovely summer drink for picnics and barbecues.
3. The Big Vegan Cheese Making Kit - these kits look like a lot of fun and would make a great gift. They contain ingredients for making 6 varieties of 'cheese' including halloumi, feta and ricotta!
4. Considerit - I had some delicious chocolate ice cream from here and we got an Oreo doughnut to take away. Sadly I didn't get to try it as my husband wolfed it down before I could but that must mean it was good!
5. The Green Room - this was one of the most popular stands and we couldn't resist trying a (brunch time) Vfish and chips, it was very realistic with lovely batter too. Yum!
6. Cool Jerk Pies - we first tried these fab pies at the Dundee Vegan Festival in 2016 so made sure to stop by and pick up one of each. The macaroni is still my favourite!
7. Brownins Food - another stall with lots of queues, we tried a delicious Caribbean Jerk soy wrap which was so good!
8. Missy's Vegan Cupcakes - this stall looked amazing! So many tempting treats, it was difficult to know what to choose. In the end, we opted for slices of the baked lemon and oreo cheesecakes and I'm so glad we did as the lemon one was probably one of my favourite vegan desserts ever.
9. The Vegan Kind - I'm sure most vegans know of the wonderful Vegan Kind as they have a humongous range of products stocked on their online supermarket as well as the fab subscription boxes they offer.
10. Mimi's Bakehouse - I love Mimi's when visiting Edinburgh so it was lovely to see their stall here with so many yummy cakes including red velvet cupcakes and Oreo brownies. Mmm...

A few of the stalls were the same as Aberdeen's Vegan Festival which you can read about here if you haven't already. We didn't stay for the talks as we had other plans but it was a great morning of trying yummy vegan food and we had plenty of treats for later. To find out about other upcoming Scottish vegan events, check out our post here.

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