Dundee Vegan Festival

by - November 21, 2018

Nutcrafter Creamery
Operation Icing
Dundee Vegan Festival
Blushberry Botanicals
Jist Jute
Sugar Noir
Decadently Pure
Sea No Waste
Almighty Foods
Cool Jerk Vegan Pies
Missy's Vegan Cupcakes
Nutcrafter Creamery
Another year, another fantastic Dundee Vegan Festival. Just like last year, the festival had been moved to an even bigger venue!! This time, split over five floors and they did not disappoint. Starting on the ground floor with the café and food bank donations/collection point we were greeted by friendly volunteers of the festival and as I had my little vegan with me they pointed me towards the lift…up to some super tasty food and amazing vegan products. The first floor was the market floor which was full of vegan goodies including Blushberry Botanicals, our favourite vegan beauty brand, Jist Jute, Sea No Waste, Decadently Pure and The Health Store. There were so many vegan businesses with a huge selection of goodies and gift ideas, perfect for the lead up to Christmas. The second floor was definitely our favourite…THE FOOD COURT…I ended up in a food coma after a massive cinnamon roll/donut from Considerit Chocolate and a cookie sandwich from Missy’s Vegan Cupcakes, Jilly had baked lemon cheesecake from there too and both were DELICIOUS. There were so many vegan goodies on offer including the delicious Face Plant Foods, Nutcrafter Creamery (which had the tastiest battered halloumi), Dundee's own Roaming Vegan Baker, Cool Jerk Pies, Almighty Foods and much much more. The third floor was the space for the speakers, unfortunately we didn’t make it along to any of the talks (I was occupied with a poorly toddler and Jilly was super busy at the Dundee Urban Market with her business) but I did get a chance to go up to the third floor where there was a kid zone, which was perfect, pushing the pram around a busy market can be stressful so having somewhere for us to sit and play was very welcome. There was also a quiet zone in the basement, which is such a thoughtful addition as it allows people to take some time out if it gets too busy, It would be great to see this at more events. The third Dundee Vegan Festival was, once again, an amazing day full of delicious food, friendly people and a lot of donations to the Dundee Food Bank. We cannot thank Barry, Jamie and the whole Dundee Vegan Festival team for their tireless efforts to bring this wonderful festival to Dundee again.

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