Happy Veganuary!

by - January 09, 2019

Happy New Year! We're back from our Christmas break which was mostly spent eating lots of homemade food with a mix of visiting, hosting and all round lovely time with family and friends. It's almost a year since we started our Vegan Dundee blog! We'll be celebrating at the start of February and take a look back at our most popular posts. For now, you can see our top posts from Instagram above featuring Padrino Pizza, Heart Space Whole Foods, Dundee Vegan Festival, Sea No Waste, Tonic and Simpsons

It feels like ages since we've blogged as so much has happened with vegan menus and products appearing everywhere for the biggest Veganuary yet! This is so exciting but we'll have our work cut out trying to get round to reviewing everything. Especially as quite a few places are trialing menus just for this month so fingers crossed the results are a success and the new options will stick around for the future. You've probably seen most of the new options but just in case, here's what to look out for in Dundee:

Frankie & Benny's
They have just launched a full vegan menu with burgers, pizza and pasta (including Mac No Cheese), there's also 'I Ain't No Chicken Parmigana Grill' and a 'Not Hot Dog'. Even better, Frankie and Benny's is now offering 5 vegan dessert options including a Cookies and Dream Sundae! See the full menu at The Hectic Vegan.

Marks & Spencers
Plant Kitchen is a whole new range of over 60 meals, snacks and ingredients, with plenty convenient comfort food! The range includes everything from pizza, lasagne and alternatives to meat, as well as delicious popcorn cauliflower and dirty fries. Yum!


McDonalds now offer a spicy veggie wrap that's vegan-friendly! It's made with red pesto goujons, relish and salad. There's a non-spicy mini version available in the Happy Meal too.

Pizza Hut

New Vegan Jack 'n' Ch**se pizza has joined the vegan veggie and Margherita pizzas. With Violife cheese and BBQ jackfruit and veg it's great to see more pizza options!


Two new sandwiches have been added to the Boots range, the Vegan All Day Breakfast (with veggie sausage and scrambled tofu) and Vegan BLT (with smoky maple carrot bacon). These are available in the meal deal so are handy if you're in need of lunch on the go or for the train.


Co-op have added vegan options to their ready meals and sandwiches, featuring lots of BBQ jackfruit. They are also labeling their doughnuts as vegan now!

Greggs (in Dundee soon!)
The new vegan sausage roll has caused excitement among vegans across the country... until it turned out that they were only available in 900 Greggs, with none around Dundee and the rest of Scotland which isn't Edinburgh or Glasgow. The good news is that they have been so popular, with queues and sell-outs, that they are now being released in all 1800 stores! There isn't a date yet but we're very much looking forward to them coming to Dundee.

Which have you tried? Let us know if there's something we should add to the list! Of course, these are just the big chains but it's great to have convenient options especially when you're on the go. We love to support local businesses, especially those that have been catering for vegans for a long time and we'll get back to reviewing these soon!

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