by - March 13, 2019

Pêle Mêle
Swing Kitchen
Tofu Tussis
La Stella Nera

Berlin might be stretching it a bit for what's acceptable in the 'Outside Dundee' category but I thought of a few good reasons why I should share it. Firstly, the food was seriously amazing - even better than we imagined so it'd be a shame not to write up one wee post. Next, if any of you reading this happen to be going to Berlin or are thinking about it for your next trip it may just come in handy! And finally, maybe we can dream of Dundee being as vegan-friendly one day as there's more and more change around us? All of the places mentioned were 100% vegan apart from Delabuu.
  1.  Brammibals Donuts - I'd been following Brammibals on Instagram as we counted down to our trip. There's quite a few of these super cute donut shops around Berlin and the flavours change regularly. The Boston cream pie one was especially good!
  2. Veganz - The legendary vegan supermarket chain! I don't think we've ever spent so long in a supermarket. I was genuinely overwhelmed by the fact that everything was vegan - the sheer number of products! We managed to try and cook with a few things as our apartment had a little kitchen but kept room in the suitcase for some treats to take home.
  3. Pêle Mêle - I loved the atmosphere of this cafe near where we were staying. They had delicious bagels and breakfast foods with a create your own style menu - choose a tofu, choose a spread then choose your salad. The smoked tofu was our favourite.
  4. Swing Kitchen - Another Instagram find, we really fancied some vegan junk food from a 'proper' fast food place. The burgers were fantastic but I especially loved the lemon mayo that came with the sweet potato #s. They even had tiramisu here!
  5. Tofu Tussis - This was located in a funky market hall which was cool to look at but a lot of non-vegan vendors. The tofu was like no other we'd had before, so fresh. They even offered workshops for learning to make your own! I realise now looking back that we mostly lived on burgers while we were in Berlin...
  6. La Stella Nera - My husband planned a meal here for the evening of my birthday. It's a busy little vegan Italian, lovely pizzas. Best to book ahead!
  7. Delabuu - The ice cream was so good! Super friendly staff helped us fill in our 'order sheets' where you choose what you want your ice cream to be made up of. I think I had vego, vegan nutella, hazelnuts and strawberry. Mmmm...
  8. Neue Republik - This was our favourite place, we managed to find time to go twice. It was such good value as well, the feast pictured above including drinks was around €20! The loaded poutine fries and seitan chicken nuggets took sides to the next level.

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