by - March 27, 2019

It was my Dad's Birthday so we said we'd treat him to lunch and let him choose where he'd like to go. He suggested Mozza as he'd spotted they had vegan cheese available - we hadn't noticed this before so were looking forward to trying another pizza place in Dundee.
Choice:★★☆Staff Knowledge:★★★★
Value for Money:★★★☆Overall:★★★
There aren't many options available - it says to upgrade any pizza with vegan cheese for £3. Of course, you have to choose a vegetarian pizza in the first place so there's a marinara (no. 1) if you'd like to keep it simple or you can veganise the margherita (no. 2) and no. 4 which is topped with courgette, red peppers and aubergine. The menu also says you can add extra toppings but there may be a "nominal charge" - for mushrooms this turned out to be £1.50. The sides looked like they should be vegan but weren't labeled so, I didn't manage to ask as the staff seemed to be in a rush and a bit disorganised.

I went for the margherita and my husband had the roast veggie one. They were amazing! So good, it's the closest we've had to the Neopolitan pizzas we loved on an Italy trip before we were vegan. The actual pizza would be 5 star but given the way our reviews work we still have to average it out with the choice and value for money. It's a shame that adding vegan cheese is so expensive as for the price of upgrading two pizzas you could've bought another regular pizza, the same goes for extra toppings as that would mean a custom pizza could work out a bit pricey. It'd be great to see a vegan dessert added to the menu in future so you don't feel you're missing out when dining with non-vegans!
13 Whitehall Street, Dundee, DD1 4AA
Sun-Thu 12:00-21:30 | Fri-Sat

Menu Key:
Upgrade veggie pizza to vegan
Suitable for Little Vegans:
Dog Friendly:
All ground floor
Top Tip:
Look out for special offers

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