Papa John's Pizza

by - May 17, 2019

Papa John's launched vegan cheese at the start of the year to the cheers of vegan pizza lovers everywhere. They quickly sold out and it took a while to become regularly available again. It's back on the menu now with more items having being added since which is always exciting to see!
Choice:★★★★Staff Knowledge:★★★★★
Value for Money:★★★★Overall:★★★★
Our favourite offer is 'buy one get one free when you buy a side order' which is available for delivery. You can just choose regular buy one get one free (no side) if you're happy to collect. This makes it a lot better value and there's quite a lot of other offers to choose from too. At the time of writing, there are four vegan pizzas on the menu, and 3 sides. We decided to have the Vegan Sheese and Tomato, a Vegan Sheese Garden Party and a side of Vegan Sheese Crinkle Wedges. There's also hot pepper passion and the new hot dog pizzas!

Our order arrived quickly and piping hot (which is always a bonus when you have to take photos!). The pizzas were delicious, the Sheese is a really great flavour compared to a lot of vegan cheeses. It's like a mix between a mozzarella and cheddar and a really convincing texture. I don't think I'd ever had a Papa John's pizza before going vegan, but I was surprised to find myself eating the crusts (which I don't often do) as the base and sauce were so tasty! The wedges were yummy too but a bit squishy, it'd be nice if they were crispier.

Papa John's don't currently offer any gluten free pizza bases, or vegan desserts. It would be great to see some vegan-friendly hot desserts added, like their giant choc chip cookie. Hopefully one day soon!

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