Birchwood Food Emporium (Part 1)

by - June 28, 2019

Have you been to Birchwood yet? One of Dundee's newest hot spots, this place is not to be missed. Birchwood is the new location for the much loved Heart Space Whole Foods. Heart Space was a relatively small shop compared to the new location just around the corner where Butterfly Café used to be. This bigger and better space does not disappoint!

We were delighted to be invited to a VIP brunch at Birchwood for a wee taster of what the menu offers and a tour around the new shop which includes a zero waste section, absolutely perfect for stocking up on your organic essentials including; beans, lentils, grains and much much more.

You will find all your Heart Space favourites here; fresh bread, local fruit and veg produce and lots of delicious vegan alternatives like whipped cream, tofu and chai tea. As usual the staff are super friendly and were on hand to show us around and talk about the products.

Besides having much more space, what’s really different about Birchwood is the zero waste "Refillery" section of the shop, with plenty of options to choose from and jars available to purchase, this is the perfect way to shop more sustainably. And it's not just food items, you can also stock up on cleaning products with your own bottles! Not to mention a Kombucha tap where you can refill your bottles too. We brought our new handmade reusable bags (by Countless Crafts) to fill up with some goodies.

We really can’t wait to use the store more and to keep our cupboards stocked up on delicious vegan foods - sweet and savoury. This really is a beautiful welcoming space, and just like Heart Space the staff are always on hand with a depth of knowledge on products. We would recommend popping into the store to pick up your favourites. Keep your eyes peeled for Birchwood Part 2 on the blog where we will be talking all about the Café space and its delicious vegan food.

28 - 32 Commercial St, Dundee DD1 3EQ
08.30-18.00 Mon - Sat | 10.30-17.00 Sun

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