The Long Dog Cafe

by - August 26, 2019

It had been years since I'd visited the Long Dog Cafe in Aberdeen (before I was vegan) and the last time I was there was for one of their famous freakshakes. I was delighted to see they had recently added a vegan version to their menu, so when my sister asked where we should go for a coffee we opted for a huge sugar boost instead.

The Long Dog Cafe is incredibly dog-friendly (we brought Molly), they cater for your furry friends and also have a boutique next door for all your pup's accessories. It's great to see they are now catering for vegans too! There is a sign saying soya and almond milk are available but I've also seen oat and coconut mentioned on Instagram. The freakshake, which we had also seen on social media before visiting, was slightly different from the dark chocolate one here which was topped with banana bread and lotus biscuit. Ours were topped with a tasty flapjack type cake instead, with chocolate sauce, biscoff spread, pretzels, dark chocolate buttons and almonds. The shake itself was just vanilla-y but that's fair considering how much else is going on with this delicious creation!

We didn't try out anything else on the menu, but I think they have a couple of vegan-friendly savoury options for brunch and lunch as well as a cake or two. I'm sure if you're visiting after reading this, it's more likely you'll be ordering a freakshake! They cost £6.50, but it is basically a cake and dessert in one so it's worth it as a treat for sure.
66 Claremont Street, Aberdeen, AB10 6QY
07.30-17.00 Mon-Fri | 09.00-17.00 Sat | 10.00-17.00 Sun

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