Roaming Vegan Baker (now closed)

by - July 01, 2018

We met up with Alex, The Roaming Vegan Baker, last month on a drizzly Wednesday afternoon.  A hot drink was needed and we headed to Waterstones cafe, the perfect place for a cosy chat.  Alex is instantly recognisable with her flash of lilac hair and beaming smile. We have been following her success on Instagram and were delighted to meet her and try some of her delicious vegan tablet.

Over the past eight months Alex has gone from newbie vegan tablet maker to a successful business owner with four stockists, a successful online shop and a growing social media following.  But her success has not come without its difficulties, recently diagnosed with Autism, she has had to deal with this diagnosis while meeting and pitching to potential stockists and working at Dundee’s first vegan eatery- Marwicks.  Alex's enthusiasm for her products and for veganism is infectious and hearing of her future plans was exciting. Recently enrolled at the Open University to begin a Philosophy-English Degree, there is not doubt that the next 12 months while be another exciting and successful year for the Roaming Vegan Baker.  We can’t wait to follow the journey.

Here's how our interview went...

We are so excited to try your sweet treats, which is your favourite?

Tablet, It was my first product.  This was all unexpected, I learnt to make it while living on Islay and once I moved to Dundee I decided to for it.  I bought bio-degradable packaging and started to sell!

Why did you become vegan?

I was working on Iona in a hotel and started working in the kitchen, I had no experience!  While working there I had to see the de-shelling of crabs and other seafood, which started me thinking about veganism.  Also, on a small island it was obvious when animals have gone to slaughter- I would see them everyday and then suddenly they would disappear.  Me and my friend went vegan overnight after making this connection.

What is your favourite place to eat vegan in Dundee?

I love Wee Mexico ( you can check our review here)  but I am yet to try their breakfast burrito and,of course, Marwicks.

We have been following your success with stockists in Dundee, can you tell us where we can find your products in and around the city?


Marwicks- they were my first stockists!
Brew Dog
The Health Food Shop


Rose and Grants

What's next for the Roaming Vegan Baker?

My dream is to be able to sustain myself, and travel in van with a kitchen to live and make my products while giving back to the people who need it most!

What did you find hardest about transitioning to vegan?

Being on Iona, there were not many vegan options at our one shop- a Spar.  We had to travel by ferry back to Oban to fill a suitcase with vegan foods in Tesco!I also missed chocolate and some serious cake cravings led me to the Spar to find any ingredients I could to make a gooey chocolatey cake!

What is your favourite recipe/blog at the moment?

I love the Minimalist Baker! And the guys at Bosh who are growing fast and making easy vegan meals.

Do you have any upcoming events?

I will be the the Willow Sanctuary Farm, near Fraserburgh for their 20th Birthday Celebrations on July 7th.

How can we help spread the word of the Roaming Vegan Baker?

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